how it works

get started with 4 easy steps

Step 1: Go to Login / Signup Page

Create new account if you are not a member and fill all required details to create account.

if you already register with then login with username/password and redirect to dashboard.


Step 2: Go to Dashboard

After succesfully registered / login with milescart redirect on Dashboard,

Click on Strava to connect with milescart.

Step 3: Connect with Strava

Strava login will show after click on strava and you need to enter your strava login detail to connect with milescart. Green check mart will show after successfully connected with strava.

Now you can track all the activity with milescart which you doing on strava.


Step 4: Join the Campaign

Go to campaign screen and open any campaing which want to join, just click on join button, after join campaign changed into joined after clicked.

Join campaign and activties will show under my campaign section.